Welcome Spring!

It was so wonderful to see so many of you at Open House in the art room. Student work this year was spectacular. I have the most creative art students and I am lucky to teach and learn from all of them! Thank you for all your support and kind words- Here are a few photos of the work displayed:


This is what has been happening in the art room over the last month…

Kindergarteners learned about the artist Matisse and his cut paper collages that he made in his later years. We talked about organic shapes and students cut shapes from different colored paper arranging them in an interesting way on a black background. They were “drawing with scissors”!



First Graders looked at and learned about African masks We also talked about symmetry and saw examples in each mask. They created their own mask with paint and have been experimenting with mixing colors. They are beautiful artworks and are on display in our classroom-





Second Graders finished their cityscape collage. They painted a textured day or night sky, using big brushstrokes and printed with spools to add interest. They then used a wide variety of textured and recycled papers to create a realistic or imaginary skyline.



Third Graders learned about Cubism and created a mixed media collage and drawing. They divided the background space with a variety of papers. They then used oil pastels for observational drawings of fruits, vegetables and objects arranged on their paper playing with size and color-



Fourth Graders learned many new watercolor techniques. They will be creating a landscape of a place in California connecting with the fourth grade curriculum and California history- They are progressing beautifully and the students enjoyed some of the more unusual techniques- ask them!



Fifth Graders are working on a self portrait mixed media project. They made a foam printing plate of themselves with their eyes closed and printed this on a watercolor background. Students can choose any medium to represent interests, dreams, or thoughts…

This will be the last post of the school year- Thank you to all my parent volunteers! You added to the students’ experiences in art by all your support and help-

Art work will be coming home the last week of school. I hope you enjoy sharing some time with your child looking at and talking about what they created. Many of my students tell me that art is their favorite subject and I am so happy to share our art time together learning new techniques, looking at and talking about artists and artworks, figuring things out with an open mind and learning to look with an artistic eye….

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Jenni Bahrt

WT Art Teacher





The Importance of Art Education

Hello Everyone-

I just returned from an amazing and inspiring National Art Education Conference  in NYC- There were artists, leaders in art education, incredible public and private school art teachers all gathered together to remind us of the importance of art in our schools. I am so happy to be able to share the visual arts with my students.

Kindergarteners began a letters watercolor resist influenced by Jasper Johns and his use of letters and numbers as a visual element. They included the letters in their name-


They glazed their ceramic pinch pots and will take them home this week. They are beautiful!

A reminder that all student work will be returned at the end of the school year. Kindergarteners will have a portfolio of all their amazing artwork to share with you!


First graders created an octopus with clay- they will be displayed in their class tide pool on Open House April 7th. I learned many facts about the octopus from the students!


They also began a space collage- Students painted and printed on a large piece of paper and will be cutting out planets, rockets, etc. to create a space scene-


Second graders experimented with Sumi-e brush painting – we learned about the young Chinese artist Wang Yani  and practiced with ink and brush. Students had painted a watercolor background for their ink paintings- and later did observational pastel drawings adding blossoms to their branches-


They began a unit in their classroom about frogs and created clay frogs in the art room. They will be glazing them next art class.


Third graders created California animals in clay- learning about sculpture and how to pull and push the clay to form the head, arms, legs, ears and tails. They will be glazing them in the next few weeks.

They completed their chalk pastel and glue projects- they are hanging in the art room and show a great sense of design and color.



Fourth Graders created Pop art clay food and are getting ready to glaze them. They learned new clay techniques and created fun sculptures-

They will be beginning a found object assemblage next, looking at the work of Louise Nevelson. Let me know if you have any small wood pieces that we can incorporate- I am always collecting recycled materials for the art room…


Fifth graders finished their collage using recycled book covers- they chose an animal or object that was identifiable by outside shape alone and filled them in with various strips of the book covers.



They will be working with clay this week- we will be looking at African masks and students will choose an animal to interpret in their mask. This project coincided with The Lion King play which was a wonderful connection-

Thanks for all your support for our art program. I am grateful that our community values art as an important part of each student’s education.

Jenni Bahrt

WT Art Teacher













The Art Room is Where I Want to Be

Hello and welcome to our Art Blog! Students have been busy creating- during scheduled art time once a week and during lunch time recess when the art room is open to finish projects or just draw and connect with friends while making art.

Our students work is on display in our community this month- we are featured in the Red Hill display case (near Peets), at the Fair Anselm Plaza (storefront across from Good Earth) with other district art students, and at the Fairfax Library the month of February. I hope you can see the incredible art our students have been making in the art room- their ideas and creativity (along with their skill and technique) always fill me with awe.

This is what the Kindergarteners have been creating since my last post-

We read A Tree is Nice and looked outside at trees and talked about how a tree grows. Students painted a tree and the next week we talked about weather and line and how to express wind or snow or rain with line and paint. It was the perfect week to do this project…

img_3922  img_3918

img_3923  img_3919

img_3920  img_3917

We worked with clay this week and students made a pinch pot. These will be put in our kiln after they dry and students will glaze them. They will hopefully take them home before winter break.

img_3908  img_3905img_3912  img_3907

First graders finished their sewing sampler using burlap, yarn and beads. They were so enthusiastic and learned so much so quickly!

img_3941  img_3945img_3946  img_3947img_3949  img_3943img_3942  img_3948


Second graders created beautiful torn paper landscapes. They looked at paintings and drawings of landscape artists and then “painted with paper” to express their personal landscape.

img_3891 img_3895img_3894  img_3897 img_3928  img_3926-2  img_3924  img_3925


Third graders finished their dragons and began a “stained glass” glue and pastel project. Students draw an animal or landscape or design on black paper. They use Elmers glue to go over their pencil lines. They let the glue dry clear, and then fill in the black paper with chalk pastels. The glue lines appear black, resembling the lead in stained glass. We have just started but here are a couple in progress…

img_3939  img_3938


Fourth graders completed their soft stuffed creatures. I am sure you have enjoyed seeing them- students were excited to bring them home-

We have been painting abstract shape and color paintings. We looked at examples of Op Art and also some of the paintings of Frank Stella. Students used rulers to divide up their space and then cut out sections creating unusual and faceted shapes.

img_3932  img_3936img_3933  img_3931img_3929-2  img_3937


Fifth graders finished their Pop Art paintings. Some of them are up in our community exhibits.

They also have been working on their recycled chairs challenge/project. Students made miniature chairs using all sorts of recycled materials and wire. There are some on display at Red Hill and many in our classroom if you are able to stop by. They are so inventive.

Here is a little glimpse…

img_3954  img_3952


Thank you again as always for your support of our art program and sharing your creative children with me-

Jenni Bahrt

WT Art Teacher




Wishes for a Happy and Creative New Year!

I hope everyone is enjoying these two weeks of vacation and are spending time with family and friends. I asked every student to do something artistic: draw, paint, cook, write, create…Hopefully it has been a creative time together!

Let me share what students have been up to in the art room…

Kindergarteners looked at the work of collage artists and their use of recycled materials. They used pieces of an old dictionary to create a background for a line painting of any animal they chose. They are wonderful interpretations of a variety of animals.

img_3760  img_3761  img_3762  img_3758img_3759  img_3763

Students listened to one of my favorite children’s books- The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats. We looked at his wonderful mixed media and collage illustrations and students printed with white paint and pieces of mat board and K’Nex for a background. They created trees and snow, with ripped and cut paper. These artworks were sent home- hope you enjoyed them.

img_3837  img_3838


First graders finished their Royal Portraits. I love these self portraits of Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Knights and Jesters-

img_3833  img_3834

img_3820  img_3831

img_3832  img_3827

img_3830  img_3821


Second Graders finished their Eric Carle inspired collage animals. They used their painted and printed papers to create their animals and could share pieces from other students for contrast. They fill the page with color and personality-

img_3809  img_3807img_3803  img_3819img_3816  img_3811  img_3812  img_3815


Third graders are finishing up a mixed media dragon project after learning about dragons from many cultures. They used watercolor for their background and are using prismacolor pencils for their dragons. They have learned new color pencil techniques using these soft pencils and can add details with metallic paper.

img_3843  img_3847img_3846  img_3844img_3840  img_3841


Fourth graders learned about soft sculpture and textile art. They made a pattern of a creature and planned their design- later pinning their pattern on felt. They sewed on buttons, other pieces of felt or ribbon- learned the blanket stitch and the running stitch and stuffed them to create a three dimensional art work. Many have been brought home and others will come home soon-

img_3848  img_3779-2


Fifth grade finished their Pop Art paintings- they are hanging up in the art room and are Andy Warhol inspired and bright and fun-

img_3783  img_3785  img_3790  img_3793img_3794  img_3784img_3805  img_3787


I look forward to seeing everyone soon! We will be exploring and creating in many more mediums- clay, printmaking, painting, drawing, collage, sewing, sculpture and more…

Thank you for everyone who has helped in the art room- the students and I appreciate you being there- Thank you for your support of our Art Program!


Jenni Bahrt

WT Art teacher




Warm Wishes and Happy Holidays from the Art Room!

Thanks to everyone who helped and participated in Family Art Night! It was so wonderful meeting and talking to our wonderful families- I loved seeing everyone creating art together! If you were unable to make it this year, we will have another Family Art Night next year-

img_3651  img_3643


Here is what our Kindergarteners have been busy learning in the art room:

Students learned about paper manipulation- from accordian folds to curling paper, cutting fringes and spirals, they learned how to make paper three dimensional. These artworks were sent home.

img_3638  img_3640

We learned about symmetry by painting and folding paper, creating a print. Students chose several colors and white to mix. The next week students cut out a shape and used colored papers for the features and created a beastie, after listening to a fun book showing interesting creatures.

img_3622  img_3623img_3615  img_3624img_3616  img_3611img_3612  img_3615


First graders continued with our architecture unit and painted a city scape learning about foreground, middle and background. They used an interesting technique of chalk pastels dipped in starch making a vibrant color paint stick that does not smudge when dry.

img_3587  img_3588img_3629  img_3627       img_3635  img_3636img_3628  img_3590


Second graders finished their Adinkra influenced relief prints. They made multiple prints to evoke repeat pattern fabric. They are hanging up in the art room-

img_3594  img_3593

Students learned about the illustrator and author Eric Carle who painted his own papers for his beautiful collages. Students thought about what animal they would like to make as a collage and painted paper, mixing colors and creating patterns with special rollers. They will cut out the animals in parts to overlap and create depth.


Third graders created a self portrait collage learning the proportions of the face. They used patterned papers and yarn for hair and clothes capturing their individuality.

img_3585  img_3576

img_3564  img_3570

img_3567  img_3572

img_3583  img_3582

img_3578  img_3575


Fourth graders finished learning about face proportions and created mixed media self portraits. They painted faces with any colors they liked and later drew their features with charcoal or color pencils on collage pieces, arranging them on their painted faces. They are hanging up in the art room and are unusual and beautiful.

img_3595  img_3596

img_3744  img_3752

img_3745  img_3743

img_3749  img_3746


Fifth graders learned about the fascinating artist Andy Warhol and the Pop art movement. Students chose an everyday object and are drawing a large image on paper and then painting them using bright and interesting colors.

They also finished their organic sculptures influenced by the work of Henry Moore and will be taking them home soon.


Thank you for visiting the art blog! Please come visit again and when you are at school enjoy the art that is displayed around our campus- in the office, the library and of course, in the art room!

Jenni Bahrt

WT Art Teacher




Our Art Studio is Overflowing with Creativity

Hello and thank you for visiting our Wade Thomas Art Blog! Students are creating amazing art work in this art room/studio. They are comfortable to express themselves and learn new concepts. Returning students are building on prior knowledge and kindergarteners are open to learning and creating.  It has been a pleasure to get to know our new to Wade Thomas students.  A big thank you to those of you who have volunteered in our classroom- I hope to meet many of you as the year continues. I would like to invite you to our annual Family Art Night on November 17th. Parents and students create art together in the art room- a fun opportunity to visit our wonderful room and share your child’s love of art. There will be a sign up soon- We will keep you posted! Kindergarteners -2nd grade can make art 5:30-6:30 and 3rd grade-5th grade at 6:30-7:30.  I hope to see you there…

Kindergarteners are learning so much in the art room and I am enjoying getting to know them- what a wonderful group of students this year!

Students have already explored printmaking, oil pastels, tempera paint, and collage.

Students created their own “Wild Thing” after I read the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. They used oil pastels and learned how to show texture and layer colors. They could make their creature fierce or funny or anything at all. They painted the background with tempera cakes, which are similar to watercolors. Here are some examples:

img_3377  img_3378

img_3380   img_3510

img_3511  img_3513

We talked about shapes in the art room adding to their study of shapes in their classroom. I read Mouse Shapes and Color Zoo inspiring lots of ideas!

img_3463  img_3450img_3451  img_3467  img_3452  img_3469


First graders studied the art of Georgia O’Keefe. We talked about color mixing and students finished a close up of a flower in two classes, exploring warm color and cool color. We have created several projects celebrating nature.

img_3395  img_3394img_3397  img_3393img_3456  img_3455img_3454  img_3453

Students created an imaginative animal- We looked at the book Dragons, Dragons illustrated by Eric Carle- It has many humorous poems about imaginary animals. Students thought of a few animals to combine into one new one and are naming them and drawing them with oil pastels. I am hoping to collaborate with their first grade teacher and have students write about their animal in class.

img_3408  img_3412img_3410  img_3495  img_3494  img_3501


Second graders finished their oil pastel molas. Here are their beautiful art works:

img_3487  img_3489img_3492  img_3491  img_3479  img_3493-2img_3490-3  img_3481

They began a new printmaking project influenced by Adinkra cloth from Ghana. They are creating their own symbol and using pattern to make their printing plate and will be making multiple relief prints.


Third Graders finished their texture landscapes. There are some in our office to see- take a look if you are at school. They are beautiful-

img_3405  img_3401  img_3402  img_3406

Students began a collage self portrait using a variety of papers. We looked at and discussed a series of artists’ self portraits in many different media and styles. We talked about proportion to determine where eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth fit on the face.


Fourth Graders finished their cave drawings. They are hanging up in the art room if you have a chance to stop by.

img_3459  img_3461img_3477  img_3460img_3476  img_3462img_3475  img_3474img_3472  img_3473


They also completed a relief/ collagraph print. They used many different textured recycled materials to create a cityscape. We used brayers to ink corrugated cardboard, lace, textured papers, printing foam, and burlap. They have a mysterious quality with the silver ink on black paper. Here are some examples:

img_3447  img_3446img_3441  img_3440  img_3439  img_3449



Fifth Graders have finished their Dream Animals mixed media art works. Combining paint, printmaking and chalk pastels, the animals are wonderful and full of texture and design.

Here are some examples: These are hanging in the library if you have a chance to take a look-

img_3425  img_3431img_3420-2  img_3433img_3428  img_3432img_3434  img_3423


They just began a sculpture project using wire coat hangers, a stocking and gesso.We talked about what made a sculpture a sculpture and we looked at and discussed the artist Henry Moore. We also  talked about organic shapes and abstract forms.


Thank you again for supporting YES and the Wade Thomas Art Program!

Hope to see you soon!

Jenni Bahrt

Wade Thomas Art Teacher



Welcome Back to the Art Room for the 2016-17 Year!

Greetings and welcome back to our art room blog! It has been wonderful to see all of the smiling faces of my returning art students and to meet many new students too- What a great group of Kindergarteners! We have new students in all our grades and it has been a delight- We started right in creating journal covers in all grades. Students were enthusiastic to start making art!


Just a reminder that student artwork will be returned at the end of the year. Occasionally work is sent home throughout the year but we like to keep work for displays in our community, around the school and District Office and for Open House. It is wonderful to look through all of your child’s artwork at the end of year and see the progression of each individual artist. Please feel free to come visit the art room as a volunteer or just to take a peek at what we are doing. A great opportunity to see the art room and experience what our art program is all about is at Family Art Night- our annual event early evening on Thursday, November 17th- Parents and students visit the art room and create art together- I will have a variety of art materials set out to explore with your child- More information will follow in our newsletter and our online signup will be available soon- I hope to see you there!

Here are the drawing journals created by our Kindergarteners:


We talked about different kinds of lines and patterns after reading the classic book The Dot and the Line- Students used crayons and watercolors to create a watercolor resist-they keep their journals in the art room and draw in them when they are finished with our art project for the day.

We will be exploring printmaking over the next two classes. Students painted a background of either warm or cool colors- They tried to create as many colors as they could with their paint colors and white- We read the book Mouse Paint- a great introduction to color mixing- Next week we will print on top of the paintings with bubble wrap, jar tops, boxes and paper tubes.



First Graders used line and patterns incorporating their initials and names creating a watercolor resist-


We started a nature unit with an interesting leaf print, observing the veins and shape of each leaf. Students learned about a ghost print-(a second print done without adding more ink)- Students will add color around the leaves with chalk pastel-

img_3340  img_3338img_3339



Second Graders created radial designs, building on art concepts learned last year for their watercolor resist journal covers-

img_3329  img_3332img_3330  img_3328img_3342  img_3343


Third graders created recycled paper collages after looking at the work of Jasper Johns-they will be glued to their journal covers.

img_3308  img_3314

They also began a study in texture by creating texture charts. Students had a variety of natural objects on their table to study close up and were told to paint what they saw- they will be beginning a landscape painting using what they learned from their observations-

img_3294  img_3292img_3295  img_3298


Fourth Graders explored a new material and technique, metal tooling- they are so beautiful! These will be their drawing journals for the year.

img_3335  img_3336

We began a cave drawing project after watching a virtual tour of the Lascaux caves in France. They will be choosing an animal that they will draw on kraft paper after wrinkling and smoothing to look like a cave wall and will be using chalk pastels and charcoal pencils- Here are some examples in progress:

img_3355  img_3353img_3356  img_3354



Fifth Graders created a multi media art work making a tissue paper collage and then printing on top of them- they had to make a multiple print with their small individual foam printing plate- they remind me of stained glass-

img_3327  img_3326

They are starting a mixed media art work incorporating printmaking and drawing – they will be looking at aboriginal art for their Dream Animals and creating texture and pattern in their work. Students practiced printing with sticks and cardboard which they will use for borders and texture within their animal. They will use chalk pastel over their painted lines.


I will usually post our art blog once a month and hope you will follow us to learn about what is happening in the art room, to learn more about our art program and to view and support our incredible artists at Wade Thomas!

Thanks and looking forward to exploring art with your children!

Jenni Bahrt

Wade Thomas Art Teacher