Welcome Spring!

It was so wonderful to see so many of you at Open House in the art room. Student work this year was spectacular. I have the most creative art students and I am lucky to teach and learn from all of them! Thank you for all your support and kind words- Here are a few photos of the work displayed:


This is what has been happening in the art room over the last month…

Kindergarteners learned about the artist Matisse and his cut paper collages that he made in his later years. We talked about organic shapes and students cut shapes from different colored paper arranging them in an interesting way on a black background. They were “drawing with scissors”!



First Graders looked at and learned about African masks We also talked about symmetry and saw examples in each mask. They created their own mask with paint and have been experimenting with mixing colors. They are beautiful artworks and are on display in our classroom-





Second Graders finished their cityscape collage. They painted a textured day or night sky, using big brushstrokes and printed with spools to add interest. They then used a wide variety of textured and recycled papers to create a realistic or imaginary skyline.



Third Graders learned about Cubism and created a mixed media collage and drawing. They divided the background space with a variety of papers. They then used oil pastels for observational drawings of fruits, vegetables and objects arranged on their paper playing with size and color-



Fourth Graders learned many new watercolor techniques. They will be creating a landscape of a place in California connecting with the fourth grade curriculum and California history- They are progressing beautifully and the students enjoyed some of the more unusual techniques- ask them!



Fifth Graders are working on a self portrait mixed media project. They made a foam printing plate of themselves with their eyes closed and printed this on a watercolor background. Students can choose any medium to represent interests, dreams, or thoughts…

This will be the last post of the school year- Thank you to all my parent volunteers! You added to the students’ experiences in art by all your support and help-

Art work will be coming home the last week of school. I hope you enjoy sharing some time with your child looking at and talking about what they created. Many of my students tell me that art is their favorite subject and I am so happy to share our art time together learning new techniques, looking at and talking about artists and artworks, figuring things out with an open mind and learning to look with an artistic eye….

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Jenni Bahrt

WT Art Teacher





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