The Importance of Art Education

Hello Everyone-

I just returned from an amazing and inspiring National Art Education Conference  in NYC- There were artists, leaders in art education, incredible public and private school art teachers all gathered together to remind us of the importance of art in our schools. I am so happy to be able to share the visual arts with my students.

Kindergarteners began a letters watercolor resist influenced by Jasper Johns and his use of letters and numbers as a visual element. They included the letters in their name-


They glazed their ceramic pinch pots and will take them home this week. They are beautiful!

A reminder that all student work will be returned at the end of the school year. Kindergarteners will have a portfolio of all their amazing artwork to share with you!


First graders created an octopus with clay- they will be displayed in their class tide pool on Open House April 7th. I learned many facts about the octopus from the students!


They also began a space collage- Students painted and printed on a large piece of paper and will be cutting out planets, rockets, etc. to create a space scene-


Second graders experimented with Sumi-e brush painting – we learned about the young Chinese artist Wang Yani  and practiced with ink and brush. Students had painted a watercolor background for their ink paintings- and later did observational pastel drawings adding blossoms to their branches-


They began a unit in their classroom about frogs and created clay frogs in the art room. They will be glazing them next art class.


Third graders created California animals in clay- learning about sculpture and how to pull and push the clay to form the head, arms, legs, ears and tails. They will be glazing them in the next few weeks.

They completed their chalk pastel and glue projects- they are hanging in the art room and show a great sense of design and color.



Fourth Graders created Pop art clay food and are getting ready to glaze them. They learned new clay techniques and created fun sculptures-

They will be beginning a found object assemblage next, looking at the work of Louise Nevelson. Let me know if you have any small wood pieces that we can incorporate- I am always collecting recycled materials for the art room…


Fifth graders finished their collage using recycled book covers- they chose an animal or object that was identifiable by outside shape alone and filled them in with various strips of the book covers.



They will be working with clay this week- we will be looking at African masks and students will choose an animal to interpret in their mask. This project coincided with The Lion King play which was a wonderful connection-

Thanks for all your support for our art program. I am grateful that our community values art as an important part of each student’s education.

Jenni Bahrt

WT Art Teacher














2 thoughts on “The Importance of Art Education

  1. Amanda says:

    Elliot and Sofia love their arts lessons and have so much fun creating all these fun projects. Thank you for all your hard work Jenni.


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