The Art Room is Where I Want to Be

Hello and welcome to our Art Blog! Students have been busy creating- during scheduled art time once a week and during lunch time recess when the art room is open to finish projects or just draw and connect with friends while making art.

Our students work is on display in our community this month- we are featured in the Red Hill display case (near Peets), at the Fair Anselm Plaza (storefront across from Good Earth) with other district art students, and at the Fairfax Library the month of February. I hope you can see the incredible art our students have been making in the art room- their ideas and creativity (along with their skill and technique) always fill me with awe.

This is what the Kindergarteners have been creating since my last post-

We read A Tree is Nice and looked outside at trees and talked about how a tree grows. Students painted a tree and the next week we talked about weather and line and how to express wind or snow or rain with line and paint. It was the perfect week to do this project…

img_3922  img_3918

img_3923  img_3919

img_3920  img_3917

We worked with clay this week and students made a pinch pot. These will be put in our kiln after they dry and students will glaze them. They will hopefully take them home before winter break.

img_3908  img_3905img_3912  img_3907

First graders finished their sewing sampler using burlap, yarn and beads. They were so enthusiastic and learned so much so quickly!

img_3941  img_3945img_3946  img_3947img_3949  img_3943img_3942  img_3948


Second graders created beautiful torn paper landscapes. They looked at paintings and drawings of landscape artists and then “painted with paper” to express their personal landscape.

img_3891 img_3895img_3894  img_3897 img_3928  img_3926-2  img_3924  img_3925


Third graders finished their dragons and began a “stained glass” glue and pastel project. Students draw an animal or landscape or design on black paper. They use Elmers glue to go over their pencil lines. They let the glue dry clear, and then fill in the black paper with chalk pastels. The glue lines appear black, resembling the lead in stained glass. We have just started but here are a couple in progress…

img_3939  img_3938


Fourth graders completed their soft stuffed creatures. I am sure you have enjoyed seeing them- students were excited to bring them home-

We have been painting abstract shape and color paintings. We looked at examples of Op Art and also some of the paintings of Frank Stella. Students used rulers to divide up their space and then cut out sections creating unusual and faceted shapes.

img_3932  img_3936img_3933  img_3931img_3929-2  img_3937


Fifth graders finished their Pop Art paintings. Some of them are up in our community exhibits.

They also have been working on their recycled chairs challenge/project. Students made miniature chairs using all sorts of recycled materials and wire. There are some on display at Red Hill and many in our classroom if you are able to stop by. They are so inventive.

Here is a little glimpse…

img_3954  img_3952


Thank you again as always for your support of our art program and sharing your creative children with me-

Jenni Bahrt

WT Art Teacher





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