Wishes for a Happy and Creative New Year!

I hope everyone is enjoying these two weeks of vacation and are spending time with family and friends. I asked every student to do something artistic: draw, paint, cook, write, create…Hopefully it has been a creative time together!

Let me share what students have been up to in the art room…

Kindergarteners looked at the work of collage artists and their use of recycled materials. They used pieces of an old dictionary to create a background for a line painting of any animal they chose. They are wonderful interpretations of a variety of animals.

img_3760  img_3761  img_3762  img_3758img_3759  img_3763

Students listened to one of my favorite children’s books- The Snowy Day by Ezra Keats. We looked at his wonderful mixed media and collage illustrations and students printed with white paint and pieces of mat board and K’Nex for a background. They created trees and snow, with ripped and cut paper. These artworks were sent home- hope you enjoyed them.

img_3837  img_3838


First graders finished their Royal Portraits. I love these self portraits of Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Knights and Jesters-

img_3833  img_3834

img_3820  img_3831

img_3832  img_3827

img_3830  img_3821


Second Graders finished their Eric Carle inspired collage animals. They used their painted and printed papers to create their animals and could share pieces from other students for contrast. They fill the page with color and personality-

img_3809  img_3807img_3803  img_3819img_3816  img_3811  img_3812  img_3815


Third graders are finishing up a mixed media dragon project after learning about dragons from many cultures. They used watercolor for their background and are using prismacolor pencils for their dragons. They have learned new color pencil techniques using these soft pencils and can add details with metallic paper.

img_3843  img_3847img_3846  img_3844img_3840  img_3841


Fourth graders learned about soft sculpture and textile art. They made a pattern of a creature and planned their design- later pinning their pattern on felt. They sewed on buttons, other pieces of felt or ribbon- learned the blanket stitch and the running stitch and stuffed them to create a three dimensional art work. Many have been brought home and others will come home soon-

img_3848  img_3779-2


Fifth grade finished their Pop Art paintings- they are hanging up in the art room and are Andy Warhol inspired and bright and fun-

img_3783  img_3785  img_3790  img_3793img_3794  img_3784img_3805  img_3787


I look forward to seeing everyone soon! We will be exploring and creating in many more mediums- clay, printmaking, painting, drawing, collage, sewing, sculpture and more…

Thank you for everyone who has helped in the art room- the students and I appreciate you being there- Thank you for your support of our Art Program!


Jenni Bahrt

WT Art teacher





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