Warm Wishes and Happy Holidays from the Art Room!

Thanks to everyone who helped and participated in Family Art Night! It was so wonderful meeting and talking to our wonderful families- I loved seeing everyone creating art together! If you were unable to make it this year, we will have another Family Art Night next year-

img_3651  img_3643


Here is what our Kindergarteners have been busy learning in the art room:

Students learned about paper manipulation- from accordian folds to curling paper, cutting fringes and spirals, they learned how to make paper three dimensional. These artworks were sent home.

img_3638  img_3640

We learned about symmetry by painting and folding paper, creating a print. Students chose several colors and white to mix. The next week students cut out a shape and used colored papers for the features and created a beastie, after listening to a fun book showing interesting creatures.

img_3622  img_3623img_3615  img_3624img_3616  img_3611img_3612  img_3615


First graders continued with our architecture unit and painted a city scape learning about foreground, middle and background. They used an interesting technique of chalk pastels dipped in starch making a vibrant color paint stick that does not smudge when dry.

img_3587  img_3588img_3629  img_3627       img_3635  img_3636img_3628  img_3590


Second graders finished their Adinkra influenced relief prints. They made multiple prints to evoke repeat pattern fabric. They are hanging up in the art room-

img_3594  img_3593

Students learned about the illustrator and author Eric Carle who painted his own papers for his beautiful collages. Students thought about what animal they would like to make as a collage and painted paper, mixing colors and creating patterns with special rollers. They will cut out the animals in parts to overlap and create depth.


Third graders created a self portrait collage learning the proportions of the face. They used patterned papers and yarn for hair and clothes capturing their individuality.

img_3585  img_3576

img_3564  img_3570

img_3567  img_3572

img_3583  img_3582

img_3578  img_3575


Fourth graders finished learning about face proportions and created mixed media self portraits. They painted faces with any colors they liked and later drew their features with charcoal or color pencils on collage pieces, arranging them on their painted faces. They are hanging up in the art room and are unusual and beautiful.

img_3595  img_3596

img_3744  img_3752

img_3745  img_3743

img_3749  img_3746


Fifth graders learned about the fascinating artist Andy Warhol and the Pop art movement. Students chose an everyday object and are drawing a large image on paper and then painting them using bright and interesting colors.

They also finished their organic sculptures influenced by the work of Henry Moore and will be taking them home soon.


Thank you for visiting the art blog! Please come visit again and when you are at school enjoy the art that is displayed around our campus- in the office, the library and of course, in the art room!

Jenni Bahrt

WT Art Teacher





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