Our Art Studio is Overflowing with Creativity

Hello and thank you for visiting our Wade Thomas Art Blog! Students are creating amazing art work in this art room/studio. They are comfortable to express themselves and learn new concepts. Returning students are building on prior knowledge and kindergarteners are open to learning and creating.  It has been a pleasure to get to know our new to Wade Thomas students.  A big thank you to those of you who have volunteered in our classroom- I hope to meet many of you as the year continues. I would like to invite you to our annual Family Art Night on November 17th. Parents and students create art together in the art room- a fun opportunity to visit our wonderful room and share your child’s love of art. There will be a sign up soon- We will keep you posted! Kindergarteners -2nd grade can make art 5:30-6:30 and 3rd grade-5th grade at 6:30-7:30.  I hope to see you there…

Kindergarteners are learning so much in the art room and I am enjoying getting to know them- what a wonderful group of students this year!

Students have already explored printmaking, oil pastels, tempera paint, and collage.

Students created their own “Wild Thing” after I read the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. They used oil pastels and learned how to show texture and layer colors. They could make their creature fierce or funny or anything at all. They painted the background with tempera cakes, which are similar to watercolors. Here are some examples:

img_3377  img_3378

img_3380   img_3510

img_3511  img_3513

We talked about shapes in the art room adding to their study of shapes in their classroom. I read Mouse Shapes and Color Zoo inspiring lots of ideas!

img_3463  img_3450img_3451  img_3467  img_3452  img_3469


First graders studied the art of Georgia O’Keefe. We talked about color mixing and students finished a close up of a flower in two classes, exploring warm color and cool color. We have created several projects celebrating nature.

img_3395  img_3394img_3397  img_3393img_3456  img_3455img_3454  img_3453

Students created an imaginative animal- We looked at the book Dragons, Dragons illustrated by Eric Carle- It has many humorous poems about imaginary animals. Students thought of a few animals to combine into one new one and are naming them and drawing them with oil pastels. I am hoping to collaborate with their first grade teacher and have students write about their animal in class.

img_3408  img_3412img_3410  img_3495  img_3494  img_3501


Second graders finished their oil pastel molas. Here are their beautiful art works:

img_3487  img_3489img_3492  img_3491  img_3479  img_3493-2img_3490-3  img_3481

They began a new printmaking project influenced by Adinkra cloth from Ghana. They are creating their own symbol and using pattern to make their printing plate and will be making multiple relief prints.


Third Graders finished their texture landscapes. There are some in our office to see- take a look if you are at school. They are beautiful-

img_3405  img_3401  img_3402  img_3406

Students began a collage self portrait using a variety of papers. We looked at and discussed a series of artists’ self portraits in many different media and styles. We talked about proportion to determine where eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth fit on the face.


Fourth Graders finished their cave drawings. They are hanging up in the art room if you have a chance to stop by.

img_3459  img_3461img_3477  img_3460img_3476  img_3462img_3475  img_3474img_3472  img_3473


They also completed a relief/ collagraph print. They used many different textured recycled materials to create a cityscape. We used brayers to ink corrugated cardboard, lace, textured papers, printing foam, and burlap. They have a mysterious quality with the silver ink on black paper. Here are some examples:

img_3447  img_3446img_3441  img_3440  img_3439  img_3449



Fifth Graders have finished their Dream Animals mixed media art works. Combining paint, printmaking and chalk pastels, the animals are wonderful and full of texture and design.

Here are some examples: These are hanging in the library if you have a chance to take a look-

img_3425  img_3431img_3420-2  img_3433img_3428  img_3432img_3434  img_3423


They just began a sculpture project using wire coat hangers, a stocking and gesso.We talked about what made a sculpture a sculpture and we looked at and discussed the artist Henry Moore. We also  talked about organic shapes and abstract forms.


Thank you again for supporting YES and the Wade Thomas Art Program!

Hope to see you soon!

Jenni Bahrt

Wade Thomas Art Teacher




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