Welcome Back to the Art Room for the 2016-17 Year!

Greetings and welcome back to our art room blog! It has been wonderful to see all of the smiling faces of my returning art students and to meet many new students too- What a great group of Kindergarteners! We have new students in all our grades and it has been a delight- We started right in creating journal covers in all grades. Students were enthusiastic to start making art!


Just a reminder that student artwork will be returned at the end of the year. Occasionally work is sent home throughout the year but we like to keep work for displays in our community, around the school and District Office and for Open House. It is wonderful to look through all of your child’s artwork at the end of year and see the progression of each individual artist. Please feel free to come visit the art room as a volunteer or just to take a peek at what we are doing. A great opportunity to see the art room and experience what our art program is all about is at Family Art Night- our annual event early evening on Thursday, November 17th- Parents and students visit the art room and create art together- I will have a variety of art materials set out to explore with your child- More information will follow in our newsletter and our online signup will be available soon- I hope to see you there!

Here are the drawing journals created by our Kindergarteners:


We talked about different kinds of lines and patterns after reading the classic book The Dot and the Line- Students used crayons and watercolors to create a watercolor resist-they keep their journals in the art room and draw in them when they are finished with our art project for the day.

We will be exploring printmaking over the next two classes. Students painted a background of either warm or cool colors- They tried to create as many colors as they could with their paint colors and white- We read the book Mouse Paint- a great introduction to color mixing- Next week we will print on top of the paintings with bubble wrap, jar tops, boxes and paper tubes.



First Graders used line and patterns incorporating their initials and names creating a watercolor resist-


We started a nature unit with an interesting leaf print, observing the veins and shape of each leaf. Students learned about a ghost print-(a second print done without adding more ink)- Students will add color around the leaves with chalk pastel-

img_3340  img_3338img_3339



Second Graders created radial designs, building on art concepts learned last year for their watercolor resist journal covers-

img_3329  img_3332img_3330  img_3328img_3342  img_3343


Third graders created recycled paper collages after looking at the work of Jasper Johns-they will be glued to their journal covers.

img_3308  img_3314

They also began a study in texture by creating texture charts. Students had a variety of natural objects on their table to study close up and were told to paint what they saw- they will be beginning a landscape painting using what they learned from their observations-

img_3294  img_3292img_3295  img_3298


Fourth Graders explored a new material and technique, metal tooling- they are so beautiful! These will be their drawing journals for the year.

img_3335  img_3336

We began a cave drawing project after watching a virtual tour of the Lascaux caves in France. They will be choosing an animal that they will draw on kraft paper after wrinkling and smoothing to look like a cave wall and will be using chalk pastels and charcoal pencils- Here are some examples in progress:

img_3355  img_3353img_3356  img_3354



Fifth Graders created a multi media art work making a tissue paper collage and then printing on top of them- they had to make a multiple print with their small individual foam printing plate- they remind me of stained glass-

img_3327  img_3326

They are starting a mixed media art work incorporating printmaking and drawing – they will be looking at aboriginal art for their Dream Animals and creating texture and pattern in their work. Students practiced printing with sticks and cardboard which they will use for borders and texture within their animal. They will use chalk pastel over their painted lines.


I will usually post our art blog once a month and hope you will follow us to learn about what is happening in the art room, to learn more about our art program and to view and support our incredible artists at Wade Thomas!

Thanks and looking forward to exploring art with your children!

Jenni Bahrt

Wade Thomas Art Teacher



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